1. Each student is registered for a fixed hour per week and is requested to report to the reception before each lesson.
  2. After the class has started, no more students are admitted.
  3. Entering the dance studio is only permitted on bare feet, socks or clean dancing or indoor shoes, which have not been used in the street and which do not leave marks on the white floor.
  4. Courses start if there are sufficient registrations. Unprofitable classes can be combined with other classes.
  5. The full course fee must be paid before the start of the course, unless payment terms have been agreed with the administration.
  6. The course fee can be paid in installments in consultation with the administration.
  7. Classes canceled by the student at least 3 hours before the start can be rescheduled in the same or the following week with another class of the same level. Classes missed without prior notice cannot be reschelduled. It is not possible to reschedule classes after the end date of the course card.
  8. Classes canceled due to Sinterklaas and Ascension Day may be rescheduled before the end date of the course card.
  9. Once per season, a maximum of 3 consecutive weeks can be taken as an extra holiday, outside the holiday periods of the Wladimir Dance Studios. An extra holiday must be notified in writing up to four weeks before the planned holiday. In that case, the end date of the course card will be extended by a maximum of 3 teaching weeks.
  10. Cancellation of membership must be done in writing up to one month before the end date of the course card. In case of no (timely) cancellation, the course will be extended by one month. The monthly rate for a youth course is € 41.00. The monthly rate for a course for adults is € 44.00.
  11. Refund of course fee is not possible, unless agreed otherwise before registration.
  12. If the student stops the course prematurely, the entire course fee remains payable by the student to the Wladimir Dance Studios. This also applies if for whatever reason the classes can no longer be followed. In case of default of payment, any collection costs will be paid by the student.
  13. For minors, the registration form must be signed by a parent or guardian.
  14. The management cannot be held liable for loss of objects or valuables. We advise students to place items of value inside the dance studio during class.
  15. For our privacy policy, we refer to our privacy statement.

Version June 26, 2020