Breakdance is at least as cool as playing football. You do not need any experience to participate in the Breakdance classes. If you don't know yet whether you like Breakdance, you can take a trial lesson. That is possible all season. You don't have to wait for a new course to start. If you like the class, you can start the course right away.

Aanmelden dansles

What kind of movements do you learn?

Breakdance consists of many different types of movements that you can divide into the following categories:

Top rock :

With Top rock it is important that your moves fit the music well. The accents in the music are very important here. By "grabbing" these accents, for example by making a movement exactly on the accent, your dance becomes more interesting to watch.

Footwork :

Footwork is all about quick steps on all fours on the ground. Often people dance across the floor in a circle. An example of Footwork is the six-step.


Power moves are acrobatic series in which often only the hands and shoulders are touching the ground. Learning power moves often takes a bit longer than the other Breakdance parts, but by practicing a lot you can really become good at it. The power moves come from gymnastics and acrobatics. Examples of power moves are the flare and the windmill.


During a freeze you stop moving for a while. A movement seems to be frozen like this. A freeze takes a lot of strength, but you also learn this by practicing it every week. Often freezes are derived from the handstand. Examples of freezes are the turtle freeze, the shoulder freeze and the headstand freeze.

Popping and locking:

This way of moving is based on the technique of quickly tightening and relaxing the muscles, so that a certain movement goes through the body of the dancer. Examples of Popping and locking are the "wave" and moving like a robot.


Your own dance style

Breakdance is all about having your own style, originality and expression. If you have learned a number of different moves, you can improvise with them and develop your own style. At the end of each Breakdance class, the students in "the circle" give their mini-performance. This is a fun way to practice your presentation and see what your fellow students are doing.



Battles are an important part of Breakdance. In it, two or more b-boys or b-girls dance against each other to prove who is the best. In the Breakdance classes we also practice battling. You can continue to develop your battle techniques in a safe environment. Some students decide to participate in official battles outside the school.


How long, how often?

The Breakdance classes last 60 minutes. You can come by at any time of the season to take a trial class. If you enjoy the class, you can start a course the following week straight away. You can choose between a course of 18 or 36 classes. In principle, you take classes at the same time every week. If you cannot attend your regular class, you can unsubscribe via the website and schedule another class. We have a special offer for students who want to take two classes per week: we give a 50% discount on the second class per week.



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