My name is Jeroen Nijssen. I have been teaching breakdance lessons at the Wladimir Dance Studios for many years now. After my breakdance childhood full of performances with my former crew BreakADelic, I switched to teaching, for which I developed an enormous passion. I mainly focus on the basic steps of breakdance, and also like to deal with the show element of this varied dance, in which popping and locking are my specialties.


In my classes we start with a good warming up, which is not unimportant. When everyone feels warm and flexible, it is time for the learning part in which I teach many different tricks and dance steps, after which the kids can get to work themselves. I then drop by to give tips and tricks. There is also often a moment of “free dancing” in my class where the children themselves are allowed to choose which tricks or dance steps they want to practice. Especially because I want to differentiate and children often choose what they can do well, which is why I see specialties emerge. This is what makes breakdance so much fun in my opinion. For the younger students there is also time in class, after the learning part, for dance games such as stop dance. Towards the end of the class I often do a half circle, in which the children improvise. After all this we do a cooling down to stretch our muscles and to leave the room more relaxed and cool.

Breakdance class Jeroen


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