Aanmelden dansles

What is Modern Dance?

In Modern dance you learn to express your feelings and emotions by dancing. Modern dance is a form of movement with influences from Western ballet and jazz dance. In recent years, the dance form has become more known through popular programs such as So You Think You Can Dance.


How long, how often?

A youth class lasts 60 minutes, a class for adults lasts 75 minutes. You can pass by at any time of the season to take a trial class. If you enjoy the class, you can start a course the following week. You can choose between a course of 18 or 36 classes. In principle, you take classes at the same time every week. If you cannot attend your regular class, you can unsubscribe via the website and schedule another class. We have a special offer for students who want to take two classes per week: we give a 50% discount on the second class per week.



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