Streetdance for toddlers, they can't start early enough!

Streetdance for toddlers

Every Tuesday at 3.45 pm for children aged 5 and 6

Trial class

Come and watch a class. If you want to participate immediately, you can join the class as a trial class. If you are still a bit nervous. to dance right away, you can take a look first, together with your mom or dad

How long does a class take?

A class lasts 60 minutes


What does it cost?

A trial class is € 10.00
Subscription 18 weeks (1 class a week) € 185,00


Stadspas promotion

With a valid Stadspas (with valid coupon), a course of 18 lessons costs only € 10. This is 55 cents per lesson. Have your Stadspas scanned with us to know if there is a dance coupon hidden in it.

Let your child try a Streetdance class?