My name is Marianthi and I am from Greece. I’ve been dancing for as long as I can remember.  Having participated in several dance workshops, international competitions and getting the Dance Professor Diploma, makes me feel excited about sharing my knowledge and passion for dance with my students. The most important part of this two-way relationship is the students themselves as they are, without knowing, an endless source of inspiration for creation that helps me to become better first as a teacher but then also as a human being.




Modern class

In Wladimir Dance Studios  we’ll have fun together as we explore new ways of moving our bodies through Modern dance.  My class always starts with a warming up in two parts: a quick cardio in standing position and then a stretching and strengthening routine on the floor. In that way we not only have a warm body to start with, but are also flexible and strong enough for more complicated and demanding movements. 

As we go on, we’ll have the experience of doing some small choreographed exercises for upper and lower body with some isolations and lyrical or dynamic movements, cross floor combinations, or/and choreographed transitions utilizing the whole space of the class as well as understanding better the role of the music.
In the end we use everything we’ve just learned and we create a small choreography! We never leave the class without a “cool-down”, and at this point I can assure that you will look forward to the next time!


Streetdance/Hip-hop class

Ιf you want to set free your boundless energy, then you should try Streetdance! In this class we start with a warm-up and then try some exercises and tricks on the floor. We learn different styles and moves of Streetdance like House Dance or Hip Hop Dance and we finally dance our hearts out with a brand-new routine!


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