Hey! I’m Sofia. I’m Argentinian and have moved to Amsterdam after one year of living in Barcelona. Beginning this new adventure I ran into Wladimir Dance Studios and now it’s my new home. I’ve been teaching for 10 years, giving classes from Hip Hop / Street Dance to Contemporary – Modern Dance. I like to think of my classes as a space where you can express yourself, without judgments and be free. I like the exchange with the students, it’s a constant inspiration and we learn a lot from each other. As a teacher I will give you tools for you to gain awareness of your body, and we will definitely have a great time.

Modern class

The class consists of a warm-up, a series of exercises in which we work on different elements of contemporary dance, and a choreography. In this class we seek to be more aware of our body, of the space we inhabit and of the others. There is always space for exploration, to play with the infinite possibilities of movement. If you are looking for a place to express yourself and feel free, this is your class.

Streetdance Class

This is a class for fun. We do a warm-up, isolation exercises, groove, bounce, and we learn steps of different urban styles. To finish we do a choreography. There is always room for you to find your own style within the different tasks that I give.

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